marybethorama (marybethorama) wrote in stickafork,

The school year is a new year for me

First to introduce myself, I'm Mary Beth, mother of 3 school-age kids, and I've been a SAHM since 1997.
Not only do the kids go to school (private Catholic FTR though we are not Catholic) but my spouse is an academic so the school year feels like a new year for me.

All of my kids are in school so I have childcare for part of the day.  My spouse can generally cover the evenings.  I am not working right now.  I'd be interested but I've just started seriously thinking about job hunting.  Too depressing to talk about right now but I'm beginning to look in that area.

I still have volunteer committments and a  couple of part-time jobs to occupy myself so I'm not rushing into the workforce right now. 

I'd love to see this community active.

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